In today's real estate market, sellers need to realize that many buyers are considering both new and resale homes. While new homes sport modern features, appliances and building materials, resale homes have a distinct advantage: family furnishings make it easier for prospective buyers to imagine the members of their household living there.

Think back for a moment about why you purchased the house in the first place. Most likely, the emotional appeal of the house made it feel like home.

Here are some tips in making your house as attractive as possible to potential buyers:

*An attractive entryway encourages buyers to step out of the car and to walk inside the house for a closer look. If necessary, repaint or replace front door. Put up a new mailbox, and replace the house numbers with shiny new ones.

*Landscaping plays a major role in improving the way the property looks from the street. Consider adding a tree to a barren part of the yard or planting colorful flowers by the front door.

*Cut down on unnecessary clutter in your rooms, closets and storage areas by holding a moving sale.

*While your home is being shown, eliminate any signs of pets, including litter boxes, chew bones and food dishes. If possible, keep pets off the premises by having a friend or neighbor watch them.

*Remember, kitchens sell houses. Be sure the floors, walls, appliances and counters are sparkling clean. Eliminate offensive cooking odors by simmering a pot of cinnamon sticks and water on the stove just before showing.

*Replace all light bulbs throughout the house with the highest wattage possible.

*Depersonalize your house by putting away family photos, political symbols, children's art work, ect. It's important for prospective buyers to envision their own personal items in the house.

*Put away children's toys. This is a good opportunity to sort and to discard old toys before moving.

*Rearrange furniture so the traffic flow runs as smoothly as possible throughout the house.

*Clean out the basement, garage attic and/or other storage areas in your home.

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