We, You're Up North Realtors, believe it's time for straight talk and sound advice on buying your home or vacation property. Home ownership is a huge decision in most people's lives.

It's not just a shelter or even another investment. It's the place we bring our dreams to life, in flower gardens and family rooms, backyard barbecues and home-cooked Sunday dinners. It's the place we raise our children, the nest we nudge them out of, and welcome them back to again and again. For many of us, it's even become our place of business, thanks to the computer and fax machines that have made the home office a reality.

In short, it's quite apparent that the American Dream is still alive and well in the 21st century.

We will help you get pre-approved for your loan if needed, and then it's off to find you the right home or vacation property. Once this is done, we will prepare your offer to purchase and help negotiate your terms. When the offer is excepted we will review all closing documents and prepare all paper work, including finances if necessary. We will be there at the closing of your transaction and be one of the firsts to congratulate you on your new home or vacation property.


Bruce and Paula Giles

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